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Digital projects can be costly, sizable, and overwhelming. Our team has extensive experience working with enterprise customers, start-ups, and everything in between.

While we primarily implement Agile Methodologies for ongoing development projects, we also regularly implement Kanban and custom project management styles to get any size of project fit the size of your organization.

We also regularly help those projects that have veered off course find their way again by bringing our no-nonsense project management methodology to bear.

We strongly believe that the #1 factor influencing project success is great communication amongst the stakeholders and project participants.

Project Management

Project management is the art of making a plan, then executing on it. Software project management is the art and science of planning and leading software projects. It is a sub-discipline of project management in which what is planned, implemented, monitored, and controlled are software projects.

Software project management comprises a number of activities, such as planning of project scope, estimation of costs of development, scheduling of tasks and events, and resource management.

Project management activities are broadly divided into the following categories:

  • Scope Planning
  • Project Estimation
  • Scheduling
  • Resource Management
  • Risk Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Execution and Monitoring

Scope Planning

The process of defining and managing the scope of a project, that is, establishing all the deliverables and constraints that need to be completed in order for the project to be considfered done. Avoiding "scope creep" while still making it possible to adjust project requirements in-flight is one of the primary goals of project scope management.

Project Estimation

Estimating is necessary for businesses to accurately asses the impact and ROI of a project, yet it remains oner of the most difficult project management tasks.

Project estimation may involve the following:

  • Software Size Estimation
  • Effort Estimation
  • Time Estimation
  • Cost Estimation
  • Resource Needs Estimation

Project Scheduling

Scheduling is closely related to estimation, as it depends on the accurate estimates of software size and effort required to deliver it. Like estimation, scheduling suffers from numerous difficulties and must be performed continuously during the lifetime of a project to ensure the estimates are realistic.

Resource Management

Project's human participants are not interchangeable cogs in a machine. Human resource managemenet is of vital importance to the success of any software project. Careful attention must be paid to the estimation and managemenet of project's resources, including human resources.

Risk Management

Software projects come with inherent risks. Eliminating or at least mitigating those risks is necessary for a successful project completion. Agile methodologies, such as Scrum, help in early risk detection and risk mitigation.

Configuration Management

Configuration management is a process of tracking and controlling the changes in software in terms of the requirements, design, functions and development of the product. It is performed using specialized tools, such as version control systems, build systems, etc.

Configuration management involves careful and deliberate Change Control which ensures that all changes made to a software system are consistent, and made according to the set of contstraints, rules, and regulations.

Execution and Monitoring

Execution of a project requires constant and close monitoring in order to verify whether everything is going according to the plan and, if not, to identify the risks to the schedule, cost, and scope as eraly as possible.

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