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We have developed a reliable 5-step process that virtually guarantees success on software projects of almost any scale.


Here is our not-so-secret formula for success:

Easy as 1-to-5

  1. Requirements Gathering

    Problem: The project is not yet well-defined, lacks details, has conflicting goals.

    Solution: Bring clarity to the requirements, business processes, and methods.


    • Business Analysis
    • Software Architecture
    • Project Plan
    • Proof-of-Concept

  2. Analysis and Prototyping

    Problem: The details of how to implement the requirements are missing.

    Solution: Clarify the architecture, design, and propose implementation.


    • Navigable Wireframes
    • Design Diagrams
    • Prototypes

  3. Implementation

    Problem: The working solution does not yet exist, or is inadequate.

    Solution: Produce the minimum viable product (MVP) implementation.


    • Development Tools
    • Test Automation Tools
    • Profilers

  4. Testing and Deployment

    Problem: The solution works but is not yet proven.

    Solution: Test, then install the implementation and observe the benefits. Continue testing.


    • Scripting
    • Integration Testing
    • Acceptance Testing
    • Telemetry & Monitoring

  5. Evaluation and Iteration

    Problem: The effectiveness of the solution is not yet known or fully appreciated. ROI is not clear.

    Solution: Analyze the solution, consider improvements and adjustments. Prepare the next iteration.


    • Post-Mortem Analysis
    • Team Retrospective
    • Financial Analysis

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